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Want the Perfect Wedding?

In the middle ages, the French inscribed posy rings with -  Deux Ames Un Coeur or Two souls, one heart. One of the most fundamental features to a beautiful wedding is a feeling of heart – or what the French call Coup de cœr. Intimacy, majesty and beauty make the heartbeat of Chateau Gerard. Its interior and grounds provide intimacy against an ancient and majestic setting, perfect to celebrate the ceremony of two people about to set off on their life’s adventure. From two people to two hundred the castle can nestle a couple or embrace a generous gathering. Coupled with catering the event will create a memory to live on for all who attend.


Chateau Gerard is at the epicentre of some of the finest food and wine in the world. Just twenty five minutes from Chablis, and wonderful regions like the undiscovered pinot-noir paradise of Irancy, it is easy to pair some of the world’s most tantalising wine with the finest French and Burgundian cuisine. From fully catered weddings to a regal fire-side dinner at the long table,  to a Chateau hamper full of  fare for lazy lunches in the garden or beside the pool it will be hard for food not to be a central feature of your visit. The father and sons team of Dennis, Pierre, and Vincent - featured on Anthony Bordain’s episode on Burgundy – cover the culinary gamete from premiere charcuterie, to sommelier, to market garden. The produce and the attention to detail befits the castle that will become your home.

Wine Tasting

Enjoy the expertise and warmth of Pierre Paillot, sommelier, who graduated in 1999 from the school of oenology and then trained in wine waiting at Tain l’Hermitage, located in the Rhône Valley. Take the opportunity to share his passion and the knowledge he acquired as sommelier  in the prestigious restaurants of Gordon  Ramsey, Marc Meneau,  Restaurant Guy Savoy, Tom Aikens London, Mint Restaurant Dublin. He will be happy to share his experience of European vineyards, and to steer you towards other wine–making areas worth a visit. 


View The Menu 

to Order the finest food

in the region to your


On arrival and throughout your stay, please make your selection with Pierre. 


Be sure to talk to Pierre about his favourite subject - wine. You're in safe hand because Pierre is a formally trained Somelier and winemaker, working along the way with chefs like Gordon Ramsay. With access to some of the best wines in Burgundy and beyond, Pierre can take you on a tasting adventure from elite diamonds from limited allotments to hidden village gems made with progressive techniques and minimal intervention. This is one of Pierre's pet subjects and uses these techniques in his own winemaking and will be happy to take you for a memorable journey of the the Château's winery, part of which is located in a medieval stable under the castle.

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Local Food Direct from the Farm


Farm: For Milk and Cheese: Farm Champbeaublé at Blacy near l'isle sur serein 

Fanny Collin Phone: 06 82 06 56 47   @:


Farm: Lamb, Pork and Veal - Clavisy at noyers (next to the Pailott Market Garden) Guillaume Verdin Phone: 06 76 63 99 05   (You can see Guillaume and his farm on Anthony Bordain’s Burgundy Episode)

Update: To buy high-quality meat from Ferme Clavisy, go to the second supermarket on the right after entering Noyers. 

Local Grocery Stores


The newly renovated Épicerie (3 minutes walk) Small, handy. Meats, cereals, beer, wine, small but all the essentials. Best to order your bread the day before if you don’t want to drive to Noyers. Better still, set up a regular order for the duration of your stay.


1. Noyers - 10 Minutes drive. 2 local supermarkets. Directions.


2. L’Isle-sur-Serein – 10 Minutes drive. Directions. 1 Supermarket (Tip: More fish available here than in Noyers).


Local Baker and Butcher 


For fresh bread order direct from the local store 3 minutes walk from the castle.


For a fabulous baker – go to Noyers.


Everything you’d ever want, including snails, wine, terrines and the world renowned chickens from Bresse – visit Dennis at Maison Paillot in the heart of the Medieval Noyers just 12 minutes from the castle. 


A little further afar, go to Avallon or Chablis for excellent meats and local dishes that are easy to re-heat for a restaurant dinner at home.

Viandes et Terroirs de Bourgogne (Favorite:))

17 Gd Rue Aristide Briand, 89200 Avallon



Wednesday8 am–1 pm, 2:30–7 pm

Thursday8 am–1 pm, 2:30–7 pm

Friday8 am–1 pm, 2:30–7 pm

Saturday8 am–1 pm, 2:30–7 pm

Sunday Closed

Monday Closed

Tuesday8 am–1 pm, 2:30–7 pm







Eric Porte

7 Rue Auxerroise, 89800 Chablis


Wednesday8 am–12:30 pm, 3–7 pm

Thursday8 am–12:30 pm, 3–7 pm

Friday8 am–12:30 pm, 3–7 pm

Saturday8 am–12:30 pm, 3–7 pm

Sunday8 am–1 pm

Monday Closed

Tuesday8 am–12:30 pm, 3–7 pm



It’s Burgundy! They are everywhere. A very nearby favorite is  Restaurant de la Vieille Tour. An institution in Noyers with the locals, the experience is typically French with locally sourced produce and a high degree of passion from the owner, Laurence. Some of the best Burgundian cuisine you'll experience and at a great price. For the adventurous eaters: the tête de veau is unsurpassed. 1 Rue de la Porte Peinte, 89310 Noyers

For a nearby Michelin Guide restaurant popular with Château Gérard guests, visit Au Fil Du Zinc in Chablis. The restaurant is an event (not just a meal) and stylish with attentive staff, located in a beautiful setting that bridges a waterway. The French cuisine is reinterpreted in a neo-bistro atmosphere and loved by Chablis locals and visitors alike. Chef Mathieu Sagardoytho signs a creative menu that pays tribute to painstakingly sourced ingredients. Au Fil du Zinc is also an excellent place to explore and savour some of the best wines of the region.









Where to buy wine

Everywhere, it's Burgundy!


However, particular favourites for cost, variety, and quality are


Pierre Paillot, co-owner and sommelier at Maison Paillot in Noyers. Tip: ask for a tasting and to see the selection located in his cave. Be careful, he may recruit you to volunteering on his vineyard located in the hills around Noyers!


Fabian Espana, the co-owner and sommelier at Au Fil Du Zinc in Chablis. Here is an example of range and prices. Note: this list is for the restaurant and prices may be less from the Cave, located to your left just before you enter the restaurant. Tip: buy more, pay less. 

Both men are native to the region and contagiously passionate about wine.



  1. Avalon: Saturday (Open and Covered) . Directions and drive time.

  2. Noyers:    Every Saturday and Wednesday.  Every autumn the famous Burgundy truffle market is held under the arcades at Noyers-sur-Serein, with stalls selling pottery and local produce in the town centre. Directions and drive time  

  3. Chablis: Sunday morning until noon. Directions and drive time  

  4. Beaune: Saturday (open and covered). Directions and drive time  

  5. Auxerre: Tuesday and Friday at Arquebuse the market hall off Boulevard du 11 November.  Wednesday in the centre, Rue Draperie. Directions and drive time. 

  6. Dijon: Tues, Thurs (covered) Fri, Sat (covered and open). Directions and drive time  



Au Fil
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Other Fun Things (entirely unrelated to food and wine)

Bicycle Hire - Delivered straight to the Château door


La Maison du Vélo, Pl Achille Ribain - 89000 Auxerre, +33 3 86 46 24 99 - Tip: Ask for Laurent

Tennis in the Château's village.

Just a five minute walk from the Castle. Be sure to book the court by writing your name on the list located at the Court. For more details just ask Pierre when he meets you at the Castle upon your arrival. The court is included in your stay. (Racquets are not provided because the range of grip sizes etc is too wide).


Badminton at the Château


A badminton set is provided at the Château.

Horse Riding 

Madame Severine Sourd, Ecurie de La Fontaine, 89200 Annéot. Tel: +33 3 86 31 63 10

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